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5 reasons why you cant lose weight

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1   Stress- When we are under stress our body is churns out the stress hormone, adrenalin, which is preparing our body for the flight or fight response. Blood supply are diverted from processes such as digestion, to our muscles instead. It causes the body to use glucose, not body fat as its fuel. It’s why we crave sugar when we are stressed. When stress is prolonged, the body then starts to make another hormone called cortisol, which breaks muscles down. Having less muscle then slows down our metabolism. Studies have found that people with high cortisol levels tend to put on weight around the middle.

2 Sex hormones– some people will gain up to 3kg premenstrual due to retained fluids caused by rising oestrogen levels. Levels of progesterone drop at this time which makes matters worse as it is a diuretic that allows us to get rid of excess fluid and as reducing our anxiety levels. If bloating or sore breasts occur to you, try cutting out coffee and replace it with herbal tea for one cycle and see if symptoms subside. It is thought a substance in coffee called methylxanthines contribute to the symptoms.

3  High insulin- made in the pancreas, this hormone move sugars from food into our cells. It transports glucose to the liver and muscles where it is stored for energy. What’s left over goes to fat cells. Too much refined foods lead to excess insulin as it causes spikes in blood sugar levels. Adrenalin will also cause a spike. When a crisis occurs adrenalin increases causing your body to think there’s a danger which spikes the blood sugar. If you don’t use this extra glucose your body just produced (sitting at a desk – rushing a deadline) then more insulin is manufactured to deal with the excess. If you can’t lose weight check your blood glucose levels and insulin with GP.
4 Nervous system– our brained are wired for survival which can disrupt how we burn fat at times. The nervous system runs our body behind the scenes. It regulates everything. It has two parts the sympathetic (SNS) which is fight or flight and the parasympathetic (PNS) which is our rest and repair system. They should work in balance but most of us exist in state of SNS meaning we are constantly in fight or flight response which causes excess adrenalin leading the body to only use excess glucose as fuel and not body fat. PNS on the other hand helps restore calm, balance and allows functions such as digestion to occur. This is why our skin which suffers under stress always looks so much better when on holidays. Best ways of stimulating PNS is longer exhalation learnt in tai chi etc.

5 Emotions-we have a bad day we eat to make ourselves feel better.

Source: Dr Libby Weaver (nutritional biochemist and author of accidently overweight)

5 reasons why you cant lose weight

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