Acne…what do we know
Well bad news first up. There is NO cure. Even Accutane only has a 66% cure rate. HOWEVER it ABSOLUTELY CAN be MANAGED.

If you’ve experienced acne, then it’s pretty likely that everyone from acquaintances to your elderly relatives has dished out well-meaning advice on how to get rid of it. From Great Aunt Maud saying you just need to wash your face to your neighbour telling you about their friend who gave up four food groups, it can feel like everyone has an well intentioned opinion on how to improve the health of your skin.

Time for some quick acne facts from an expert skin clinician: the truth is, acne is caused by a cycle of interconnected biological factors. If you understand each one of these factors, you’ll understand you CAN actually BREAK the cycle.

But first, seeing as I mentioned Accutane let me explain why there is NO way I would ever consider this as a first option.

Anything that has over 40 documented side effects INCLUDING NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS, DEPRESSION, FETAL DEATH AND BIRTH DEFECTS should make anyone realise not to take this medication lightly. Accutane is like a nuclear bomb for acne, however it also affects the ENTIRE BODY and Can create PERMANENT changes in some patients. Occasionally there is no option but to prescribe it, but thankfully there are other options that work before needing to go down this dangerous medications route.

What is Acne 
Acne is caused by four pathological processes working together:
1. Excessive keratosis (too many cells that cause blockages)
2. Excess sebum (that makes the pores sticky)
3. Bacteria
4. Inflammation
All four of these processes must be present to produce acne. Therefore logic (and evidence) dictates, that if we interrupt just one of these processes, acne cannot form. It really is that simple!!!!!!!! With the right products, treatments, and possibly some lifestyle adjustments, you can control your acne symptoms. You just need to be committed to make a change!

How do you make your acne do a disappearing act? 

It starts with the right products!

Now I’m going to share my first secret with you for free. Well it’s not really MY secret but just the best piece of information you are going to ever be given to help with acne. Topical Vitamin A is your number one best friend . There are loads and loads and loads of derivatives Of Vitamin A out there in the marketplace. In fact, even Accutane is a derivative of vitamin A (isotretinoin) which is why it clears the acne symptoms. vitamin A works because it is a SUPREME regulator.
That means if your skin is over producing sebum – it regulates it.
Over producing cells – it regulates it.
So that’s TWO processes in the acne cycle already being addressed with just one ingredient!!!!! But like any recipe you can’t make anything without several ingredients.

Bacteria, Baby! 
Next we want to deal with one of the other processes present in an acne skin: bacteria.

Well the thing about bacteria is that it thrives in an oxygen free environment AND has a very healthy appetite for sebum. Bringing us back to the first two processes of acne?
1. Too many cells
2. Sticky sebum
Well these two things are going to result in a blockage called a micro comodone which begins in our pores. This micro comodone is causing an anaerobic environment whereby it becomes easier for the bacteria to survive and flourish.
So science has two ways of attacking this process.

1 we can unblock the pores by decreasing the excess skin layers
2 we can create oxygen on the skin to make the environment less inviting for the bacteria to stick around. .
How do we unblock the pores and create oxygen on the skin? Check out our second ebook for all our tips and tricks!

The final process in the acne cycle is inflammation. But how does skin become inflamed? Bacteria is to blame!
Bacteria changes sebum into an acid that irritates the skin. This causes more cellular productions and more impaction, and that’s when we start seeing inflammation.  Our bodies naturally have an arsenal of weapons to fight inflammation, including the mighty, fighting macrophage cells! The macrophage specific to skin is called the Langerham cell.
Macrophages are dendrite cells, meaning that they have long projections which grab onto things that aren’t meant to be there! These cells are called into the area when they’re needed. Their job is to munch away all the inflammation and calm things down in your skin. When there’s inflammation in the skin, we want as many of these cells as we can get, and
we want them fast! We need an ingredient that’s going to attract loads of these powerful cells to the area and control the inflammation. And we have one! In ‘Ebook Two’ we’ll discuss that fantastic ingredient and where to find it!

The Journey Begins 
The journey to acne-free skin begins with a single ebook. This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to acne causes and its management.

My second ebook will give you a more in depth review of acne, how to manage it, it’s aggravators, product solutions, discount offers, and treatment options that you can do at home or in salon.


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