Introducing DMK EFA Ultra supplements
Because your skin is just a mirror of what’s happening within. Packed with over 100 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory’s it balances the whole body. The root of every disease is inflammation and preventing that is key. EFA ultra can assist with:
Skin conditions: Dehydration, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, poor skin healing, regulates cell function, better oxygen transfer at a cellular level (oxygen magnet effect), Psoriasis dry scaly skin,Brittle nails, dry hair
Health and inflammatory conditions: nerve and immune function, balances insulin levels, rheumatoid arthritis- EFAs moderate inflammation by reducing the production of the cytokine messenger that cause inflammation, retards cancer cell growth, Balances thyroid function which is primary in eliminating cholesterol by protecting progesterone (master hormone), decreases blood clotting, Autoimmune diseases, Cardio and gastrointestinal disease
Weight issues: normalizes fat metabolism and burn off, reduce risk for obesity and diabetes type 2 by assisting insulin response through stimulating leptin secretions, a hormone that helps regulate food intake, body weight and metabolism
Mental health: Helps reduce stress, and anxiety, Improves ADD, ADHD, alzheimers, depression, learning deficits, memory loss and lack of concentration
Hormonal conditions: relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause
Self abuse: Prevents liver damage from excess alcohol consumption, Preparing for, and recovering from excess UV ray exposure (sunburn)
Key Ingredients:
• Seabuckthorn: is an outstanding rich source of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is complete with everything needed for skin, from healing, anti inflammation to age prevention. It provides more than 190 nutrients to build the skin’s immune system. Including: Omega 3, 6 which reduce oxidative stress in cells, Vitamin A, E ,C,D (bone health) and K (all antioxidants essential for skin health and immune system) carotenoids, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Amino acids, Riboflavin (for red blood cell production and antioxidant), Folate, Lignans (plays a role in preventing some cancers including breast cancer), Seratonin, copper, manganese and selenium, iron (essential for red blood cell health), zinc, calcium… It is invaluable in scar and CIT revision treatments. Also has a full family of vitamin A which folliculitis (chicken skin arms) are deficient in.
• Evening primrose: known to regulate hormones so useful for menopausal women. Most of the Evening Primrose Oils on the market is cold pressed, which works well for larger seeds but Evening Primrose seeds are microscopically small. The increased revolutions needed to extract oil from such tiny seeds increase friction, which in turn becomes heat. It is this heat that destroys about 60% of the powers of the golden Evening Primrose Oil which renders the oil inefficient. DMK evening primrose uses carbon dioxide process to ensure highest level of nutrients remain.
• Pure Spanish virgin coconut oil – Medium chain monoglycerides found in coconut oil is the same as breast milk. Coconut oil is known to have the highest level of medium chain fatty acid, lauric acid in the world (50%). It can actually destroy lipid coated virus’s such as HIV, herpes, flu, bacteria and thrush. It is well known to help digestive system. Assists in cholesterol, cardio disease, diabetes, weight loss, healing, brain boosting, antioxidant.
• Melcabu seaweed extract- with Fuccidans is anti-inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial and is rich in minerals and vitamins and amino acids. Seaweed is high in iodine which absorbs radio activity and detoxifies body from harmful metals. Studies have found Japanese, who consume the most seaweed, have lowest rate of cancer and tumours. Fuccidans have been found to prevent binding of breast cancer cells. It is high in magnesium which relaxes muscles, transport energy and helps with protein production. It improves insulin resistance, burns fatty tissue and fights free radicals. it protects against Alzheimer’s, arthritis, kidney disease, inflammation, thyroid disease, breast, brain, lung and colon cancer, diabetes, Hep C, high blood pressure, HIV, protects immune system during chemo, stimulates stem cells and cancer cell death. It regulates cholesterol, suppresses sugar levels, promotes hair growth and ensures healthy liver function. Anti H pylori bacterial infection (stomach inflammation and suspected cause of rosacea). It is skin moisturising, increases thickness of skin through protein production, inhibits tyronase (cause of pigmentation), increases fibroblast activity and fights glycation. In 2008 the Australian government paid 1.5 million to investigate Fucoidan benefits. To read more about Fucoidan look at published papers : ncbi.mlmsnih.gov.pubmed (1026 research articles to date)
Take 2 in the morning and 2 and night and start to feel the difference in 3 weeks.

Introducing DMK EFA Ultra

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