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Accelerated ageing
More on inflammation Part 2
Angela Hodgkiss –Angelique Day Spa and Skin Clinic
Our basic physiology was designed for hunter-gatherers and ten thousand years ago we were expected to live 30-40 years. Modern humans are living well past their use by date. We are at our peak at 30 and from there we begin to decline and once we reach 50 our hormones begin depleting and the ageing process goes into overdrive.
Our immune system physiology was also designed differently to modern human needs. Back then we were also more active and often slightly malnourished. These days we are much less mobile and over nourished. Even extra nutrients our body cant use are laid down as plaques in our arteries or become fat. The immune system tries to deal with this extra fat and remove it but the harder it works to stronger the immune response becomes. Thus inflammation begins to occur and our body’s homeostasis becomes imbalanced. Waste products created by the imflammatory response leads to oxidative stress. The body is now plunged in a state of inflammation, oxidative stress and immune dysfunction.
Inflammation is responsible for all degenerative diseases. It can be like a bushfire that burns for long periods of time slowly destroying tissue and creating disease. The inflammation affects all nearby cells because it alters the surrounding connective tissue and leads to hyper production of reactive oxygen species, known as ROS causing oxidative stress, and compromises the immune system. Therefore diseases are accelerated.

Only 10% of the population are consuming an adequate intake of fruit and vegetables. That means the other 90% are suffering some form of nutritional deficiency and are at risk of inflammation.
Some Factor for nutritional deficiencies and inflammation are:
• DNA becomes less efficient as we age and requires higher levels of B vitamins to repair
• Q10 which is an enzyme in our body begins to deplete and it controls our cholesterol levels. It is recommended that everyone over 50 should be taking 150mg daily
• Vitamin D levels have reduced due to sunscreens but we still need 15 minutes per day or supplement
• Vitamin K2 maintains our bones but begins to reduce as our ‘use by date’ passes
• Omega 3 –fish oil supplements will decrease cholesterol levels and is anti inflammatory
How can we reduce the impact of the degenerative process?
• Do not drink too much or smoke
• Get good quality sleep for 7-8 hours
• High quality nutrition and supplements. The best diet is the Mediterranean diet which sees a reduction of 30-50% in cardio diseases and Alzheimers. We should consume 2-3 pieces of fruit and 3-5 serves of veggies every day
• Exercise 3-5 hours per week reduces degenerative diseases by 30-50%
• Less stress- the release of stress hormones play havoc with our bodies immune system
• Reduce Omega 6- found in baked goods, grains, meat and dairy. Reduce these as the number one inflammatory trigger is wheat gluten regardless of sensitivity.
• Digestive Enzymes with bromelian are a natural anti inflammatory and break down inflammation and allow for cellular repair
• Supplement with immune boosting herbal blends. As we age we produce fewer T cells (immune cells) which are due to thymus gland shrinking. Eat a diet high in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and probiotics.
• Drink two litres of purified water every day to flush toxins
• Antioxidants- will scavenge for free radicals and inhibit oxidisation
• Sleep- 8 hours gives the body time to regenerate and heal. Magnesium and melatonin help promote this.

Source APJ Dr Ross Walker

accelerated ageing – inflammation part 2

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