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We are so proud to offer DMK at Angelique Day Spa and Skin Clinic because we know the results this brand achieves is second to nothing we’ve used before.

About the brand and what makes it different
DMK was developed by botanical scientist Danne Montague King, around 50 years ago and is now in over 30 countries. DMK is a Paramedical range. It works on the structure, function and cause of the skin disorder, NOT just the result of it. All skin conditions are a result of disharmony in the skin. DMK uses only High grade botanical ingredients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are all recognised by the skin (think eye fillet beef compared to chop beef). DMK is a Pharmaceutical range which means that the actives used are a high percentage compared to base ingredients unlike over the counter ranges. There are no synthetics, polymers, waxes and lanolins. DMK uses a Transdermal delivery system which means ingredients sit in the voids of the skin for up to 8 hours delivering nutrients.

Enzyme mask?…. what’s the big deal?
DMK Enzyme Therapies initiate rapid and effective action. Within 45 minutes of a DMK Masque, a back flushing called reverse osmosis occurs forcing fluids through the membrane around the cells and leaving behind a clear, clean, toxin free environment in which the cells can function more efficiently.
After the initial application of Enzyme masques, the client will experience sensations such as itching and then a regular pulsing as their own body temperature helps activate the enzymatic action on and within the skin. A subtle dilation of capillaries will follow. This is called plasmatic action and will flush out clogged capillaries that are often perceived to be broken. Capillaries are the conduits of oxygen to the cell and oxygen is the principal energy source of the cell. A lack of oxygen leads to malfunction of the mitochondria (battery of a cell) and cell death. When skin is poorly oxygenated angiogenesis can occur. Blood vessels become clogged and dilate, and capillaries branch out and grow as they try and find more oxygen. DMK treatments will irrigate the capillary with fresh oxygenated blood by dilating capillaries and delivering nutrients. The ‘road map’ of capillaries indicates a successful treatment.
Lymphatic drainage improves as the mask tightens. All cells exist in a sea of lymph fluid. It feeds the cells as well as removing toxins but sometimes this waste system can become blocked and an oxygen starved environment is created. Enzyme therapy improves the drainage into the major ducts at the base of the neck and increases healing, strengthens veins and removes inflammation.
DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Live enzymes are stored in an albium base and are deactivated after 45-60 mins of exposure to air and fluids. Enzymes orchestrate all chemical reactions in skin to bring about removal of dead cells, toxic gases and impurities. They regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form anti oxidants and fight free radicals.
Enzyme treatments are the most effective way of hydrolysing dead cell material. As they do not alter the PH of the skin like acids and alkalines they are perfect for reactive skins. DMK Enzyme therapy is also capable of tightening the skin progressively through the voluntary contraction of muscles.

At Angelique we offer a tailored program to suit any skin condition.  It may include subtle to extreme peels depending on your needs and skin condition.  Within the DMK programs we offer solutions for acne, rosacea, ageing, sagging, pigmentation and so much more.  We also will consult with you on supporting skincare to achieve your desired results.  We are super passionate about what we can do with DMK and look forward to discussing with you in a free consultation.

introducing DMK

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