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SKIN NEEDLING or Collagen Induction Therapy

Angela Hodgkiss – Angelique Day Spa and Skin Clinic

What is it?
Commonly known as skin needling, collagen induction therapy is the most effective tool for skin rejuvenation. Its scientifically proven to target cells that are responsible for producing GAGS (increasing hydration), collagen and elastin, and increase capillary strength and certain growth factors that are beneficial for skin health. It also produces microscopic channels in the skin for better penetration of ingredients (80% of product is absorbed as opposed to around 7% with just fingers), and most importantly it uses the skins own natural healing process to stimulate cell regeneration. Within weeks you will begin see an improved structure and appearance of skin in firmness, tightness, plumpness and hydration.
Who is it for?
Unlike extreme over peeling or over use of injectables , the results will always look natural. There is no risk of heat injury to the melanocyte (therefore no risk of pigmentation unlike IPL and laser), in fact there is barely any risks at all with this procedure. Just about anyone can benefit from this procedure, and only some active skin conditions such as Acne, eczema, warts, moles, keloids, active rosacea are excluded. Recommended for lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles, poor skin texture, large pores, scarred or pitted skin, thin skin, pigmentation, rosacea (when not too inflamed), baldness, stretch marks, poor barrier function.

It is essential that Collagen Induction Therapy be accompanied with a skin regime that will support the rejuvenation process your skin conditions requires, because needling will initiate an injury that will zap the cell of local resources that are needed to rebuild and repair. The more you use the required products the better the results will be so why wouldn’t you anyway??
3-5 treatments, 6 weeks apart, are usually recommended for to achieve optimal results. (Collagnese in the enzyme that peaks at around 14 days in the wound healing process, so to do more frequently than once a month means the enzyme is constantly peaked and will have a negative effect long term).
Use of at home dermal roller 2-7 nights per week for 5-10 mins will also increase the results.
Will it hurt and is it safe?
Your safety during this procedure is our priority. Our pen has a bio-sleeve technology to prevent cross contamination and of course single use sterile needles are medical grade and 100% sterile. Some discomfort will be experienced during procedure in bony areas such as forehead and chin, (it will feel like slightly stingy or prickly). Redness and slight stinging may be experienced for 24 hours. Makeup is not recommended before 30 mins after treatment but preferably not applied until next day.

$225 PER TREATMENT OR $550 FOR 3. Treatment also includes application of serums and LED treatment to improve healing process by 200%
**PLUS purchase an at home skin care kit for 15% off with any treatment including Dermal rollers, and serums

SKIN NEEDLING or Collagen Induction Therapy

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