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We introduced this treatment 8 months ago and its popularity in the salon has shocked us.  Who knew there were so many women (Angelique girls included), who are suffering with the dreaded ‘bum fluff’ face!!!!

The DMK Alkaline wash system is an awesome treatment, because it’s perfect for removing fine downy hair that has previously been difficult to remove with other methods.  By temporarily changing the ph,  the alkaline paste literally dissolves hair in a matter of minutes without discomfort or trauma to the skin. At first hair will return at normal rate, but over time, hair growth will eventually slow down as the follicle becomes damaged and weakened. This treatment is generally pain free, however, first timers may experience a bit of redness or warmth in the area for a short period of time.  Pretty much anyone can use it, in fact the worse your skin is the more overall benefit you will see.  That’s because we also use it in our clinical skin revision treatments.  Although we will be using a much thicker and slower penetrating paste than we do in skin revision, there inevitably is a mini facial treatment when we use the alkaline wash.    Because not only does it dissolve hair, but it also dissolves skin!!!!….. so this makes it great for acne, rosacea, stretch marks, roughened skin, pigmentation and ageing.  So the added bonus of this hair removal treatment is, you will also leave our salon with brighter and clearer skin.
Just see some of our clients before and after photos …..results speak for themselves.


Alkaline wash – our favourite hair removal treatment!!

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