Best Day Spa Essendon

Angelique Thai Massage and Beauty Spa is a place with the most professional experts in the area, excellent products made with top ingredients in the industry and a peaceful environment full of friendly people who will build a long lasting relationship with you so you spend quality time each time you come visit us. We have earned our place as the best day spa in Essendon and we’re happy to help you improve your personal image with the most remarkable practises in the area, all our techniques and products have been tested previously so it is known that we would never put your skin or hair at risk.

Visiting the best day spa in Essendon means finding a place with the characteristic personality and kindness of our experts, who will always put your well-being and safety first. Our professionals are all experienced people that make sure you are satisfied with the results and prefer our services over any other beauty salon. With natural products and sanitised tools that will be thrown away as soon as the service is finished we ensure the experience in the best day spa in Essendon is transcendental and memorable for you so you know there is one place where you will be provided with proper care and assistance.

Pamper yourself and make sure you’re looking radiant with a nurtured and radiant skin, all this at the best day spa in Essendon and with the assistance of truly skilled professionals. Contact us now to schedule your visit or if you want more detailed information about our services. You can also find our social accounts on Instagram and Facebook where we are constantly updating information regarding new offers, skin treatments, hair removal services or any other services related to beauty and personal care.


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