Facial Treatments Essendon

Make your face look radiant with our professional facial treatments in Essendon with our services here at Angelique Thai Massage and Beauty Spa. We use second to none products and techniques to ensure the results are the ones you expect, we differ from the rest by offering a reliable service that will surely cover all your needs but adding a personal touch since all our professionals have a unique personality and are not only friendly and diligent but also very committed to establish a long-lasting relationship. with you, based on trust and customer satisfaction.

When you select our range of services, including all our facial treatments in Essendon you can rest assured your face will receive a treatment that will rejuvenate and illuminate the tissue and make sure your face looks radiant. All our products contain natural components that will never harm your skin as well as our techniques that have all been previously tested so you can rest assured we would never put your health at risk. We only use sanitised implements and tools that will be thrown away once the service is completed. We only use proved techniques for facial treatments in Essendon and wellness using natural products that do not contain any artificial ingredients we only use excellent cosmetic products made with second to none ingredients.

We’re not new to this field of the market, offering facial treatments in Essendon for over 3 decades has allowed us to develop a range of techniques that will surely cover your needs and exceed your expectations. Our facial treatments in Essendon are the result of years offering the most remarkable services in Australia. Call us now an make an appointment to receive a premium service and enjoy facial treatment in Essendon that are highly specialised. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to receive all the new information related to services and special offers.


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