Massage & Spa


Express Massage for Head / Neck / Shoulders / Hand / Full Arm / Foot Massage.

10 min I $20
15 min I $25
20 min I $30
Massage Therapy 30 Min 45 Min 60 Min 90 Min 120 Min


Head, Neck, Shoulder
and back
$45 $60 $75 $100 $130
Thai Yoga Massage
(Non Oil)
$45 $60 $75 $100 $130
Massage (Oil)
$45 $60 $75 $100 $130
Thai and Relaxation
Massage (Thai + Oil)
$45 $60 $75 $100 $130
Foot Massage $45 $60 $70 $100 $130
Deep Tissue Massage $50 $65 $85 $110 $135
Aroma Hot Stone Massage $85 $125 $160
Full body  Exfoliation & massage
1 hour and 30 mins
(included shower)
Full body  Exfoliation & massage
1 hour and 30 mins
(Included remineralizing bath)

Treatment add on’s

Hot coconut oil can be added to any of our massages or facials for only an extra $10

Added Steam herbal ball compress technique with any body massage
to release the aches and pains from a long day on your body 30 mins $30

Remineralizing bath Soak away your tensions before one
of after our signature treatments     30 mins $40


You will enjoy service delivered by expertly trained therapists.
Our beauty and spa treatments using only the finest products.


3.5 hours I $289

30 mins exfoliation / 30 mins in bath /60 mins relaxation massage

60 mins mani,pedi / 30 mins mini facial

Pamper you an exfoliating treatment which leave the skin feeling soft and fresh after soak in bath. Followed by a relaxation massage which will ease stress, improve circulation and release toxins from the body. Finished off by an essential manicure, pedicure, and classic facial.


2 hours I $159

(1 hour massage + 1 hour facial)

Start with a full body relaxation massage and finish with classic facial.
Treat yourself and your love one with this refreshing and effective bundle
which will leave your body, skin and mind feeling relaxed, radiant and rejuvenated.


2 hours I $160

(1 hour facial + mini pedi + mini mani )

This facial will rejuvenate and illuminate your skin.
Maintain a healthy complexion incorporating a customised ampoule and a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment.

Finished off by hands and feet delight ; buffing, filing and applying nail polish;
a treat to remember!.


1 hour 15 mins I $150

A nourishing and relaxing body ritual inspired from Japanese tradition to protect and embellish the skin with asian fragrances and protective emollients.

The treatment begins with a series of gentle compression massage moves under a towel to allow you to let go of stress and entre a psyche of total relaxation. Warm cherry blossom rice powder gommage is applied to the entire body the removed according to Japanese traditional rituals of body cleansing.

Warm shea butter with Asian aromatic extracts is massaged over the entire body, enhanced by deep movement on the base of the feet to stimulate pressure points and then conclude with hot towels on the feet to totally relax the whole nervous system. Emerge from our luxurious ultra- pampering treatment experience refreshed and nourished in body, with bliss in mind and spirit.


1 hour I $140

Beginning with dry skin body brushing, it will increase circulation and assist the lymphatic drainage process. Next warm clay, especially chosen to draw out toxins and impurities, is massaged into the skin and then you will be cocooned in a warm sheet and blanket whist you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. The heat will aid in the detoxifying process.

After a quick shower in our spa room we will finish with a treatment of shea butter leaving our skin feeling soft and hydrated.


3 hours 30 mins I $350

The package includes:

Full body Exfoliation
Detoxifying body wrap treatment
Relaxation Massage
Seasonal Facial Massage
Free!! 1 Spray tan (for next appointment)