Sothys Facial

Angelique Thai Massage and Beauty Spa is the place where you will find second to none Sothys facials that will help you maintain a healthy complexion in your face, with an ampoule that will relax your facial skin, rejuvenating it and illuminating it. With the help of our experts you will receive a relaxing facial massage and a mask treatment that will make you look excellent. We provide an excellent hydrating treatment that help your skin increase the level of natural moisture. Our Sothys facial has immediate effect, and it is a long lasting result that will remain unmatched.

This intensively hydrating treatment is an exceptional option that combines technology with a tailor-made program that is specifically created according to your needs. Our Sothys facial is a cleansing and exfoliating product that will make your face recover its original shine and make sure you’re happy with the way you look. Choosing Angelique Thai Massage and Beauty Spa as your leading provider of Sothys facial means trusting in the professionalism of truly experienced and skilled professionals that will be happy to make you look and feel better. We have offered premium services and products for over 30 years now, positioning among the most reliable businesses in the area.

Contact us today if you want more information related to our services, we’ll be happy to give details regarding our Sothys facial and any other products that may interest you. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep track of the latest details related to special offers, products and specialised services we offer. We’ll make sure you have a memorable experience and enjoy every minute we spend in our premises. We would never compromise your skin health so we only use previously tested products that contain natural ingredients along with techniques that have been previously tested.


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