At Angelique, we offer an extensive range of clinical treatments.
DermaSoundTM Elite Facial

Dermasound Elite offers deeper penetration and is more effective than other exfoliation treatments offered in other salons. It improves the appearance of wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Using ultrasound low-frequency waves Dermasound Elite provides superior exfoliation, product penetration and better healing in a 3 stage process.

Stage one- Dermasound Elite uses water and a process called cavitation to eliminate dead cells and debris by creating vibrations at 28,000 per second spinning water across the skin, to provide a superior peel without trauma or inflammation to the skin, unlike microdermabrasion. At this point, your therapist will also access your skin and provide pain-free and needle-free extractions if necessary.

Stage two-Through a process called Sonophoresis, Dermasound Elite creates pathways into the skin for 4000x deeper penetration of selected serums suited for your skin.

Stage three- Micro current influences the mitrochondria (energy cell) to speed up. It encourages waste elimination, repair and rebalancing of cells and promotes healing and blood circulation. it also stimulates the muscle fibres for instant tightening benefits.

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1hour:        $ 135.00

30 mins:            $85.00

Package of 5:        $ 550.00



Light therapy utilises high-intensity light emitting diodes (LED) in a range of colours which painlessly deals with loss of firmness, wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation.  It is suitable for any skin type and the light frequency is programmed to suit individual skin concerns whilst also helping detoxify and stimulate circulation.  Results will be further enhanced by applying a highly concentrated infusing mask.

45 min includes double cleanser, mask, serum and moisturiser $119.00

Red Alert facial

This facial incorporates Glymed products specifically designed to reduce the inflammation caused by Rosacea and to kill the bacteria associated with this condition. We finish with 20 minutes of LED.

1 hour 15 mins $130


Purity facial

This clinical Glymed facial provides effective remedies for those experiencing acne, congested, blackhead or excessively oily skin. Finishing with 20 mins of LED and spot treatment high frequency and salicylic (if required).

1 hour 15 mins $130


High Frequency facial

High Frequency has been used for years to assist with oily and acne prone skin due to its stimulating, drying and germicidal effects. It can be used in a facial or as a quick spot treatment for pustules to speed up the healing process.

Facial including double cleanse, exfoliation, steam and oxone (if necessary), mask, toner, serum and moisturizer

One hour $119

5 mins spot treatment including salicyclic acid $20