Veena Basawa is a Division 1 nurse with an intensive care certificate. In addition, Veena has been working in the cosmetic medicine industry for ten years.

Veena has a friendly and caring manner in her client centred approach. She is passionate and committed to delivering the very best professional care to her clients whilst achieving the finest possible results. She is an experienced cosmetic injector who has a gentle hand and an eye for detail.

If you are after beautiful luscious lips, a fabulous cheek enhancement or you just want to soften the forehead, frown and smile lines then come and see Veena who will help you achieve a natural and balanced appearance.

Registration: NMW0001016169


Dermal Fillers- will add a subtle volume and enhance facial contours, restoring a natural and youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle treatment – will soften the lines and wrinkles that occur with age around the frown, forehead and eyes.

Skin boosters – is about providing moisture directly into the skin rather than just on the surface. It will boost hydration levels to smooth the skins surface and texture.

only $3.99 per unit


you may contact Vena directly on 0408 582 726 or call the salon on 9326 2339