What is IPL?

IPL is an non invasive technology that utilises light at specific and varied wavelengths  to treat a number of skin and hair conditions.  An intense pulsed light is emitted from the handpiece into the skin targeting unwanted hair, pigmented lesions, superficial capillaries, acne or wrinkles (photo rejuvenation). As the photons from the light hit the chromophores in the skin, the light is converted to heat energy, which results in thermal damage to the follicle or pigmented area. The damage causes delayed re-growth resulting in semi to permanent destruction.


How long will it take?

Usually a course of 4-8  IPL treatments is required to achieve optimal results with only an occasional maintenance treatment required.  This is because hair growth cycles vary and not all hairs will be in the same cycle at the same time.  When the hair is in the active growth (anagen) stage it contains the most melanin so light absorption is at its greatest.  Facial hair tends to need less sessions to achieve desired result, than say legs. Some hairs will dissolve immediately others will fall out over 7-10 days for thicker hair and 2-3 weeks for finer hair.

IPL and Laser what is the difference?

IPL is not a laser light but a different technology known as intense pulsed light, which is a broad spectrum light.  IPL technology came after Laser so is considered by many to be more advanced.  It is a more cost effective alternative to other laser hair removal systems because the machine is significantly cheaper and the one IPL system is capable of addressing multiple concerns.  Laser is limited because it only has one wavelength so can only address one concern per machine.  Several Laser machines are needed to address all difference skin and hair colours.  That’s why at Angelique we can offer you hair removal and skin treatments at such low prices.  Furthermore, IPL can treat a much larger area of skin per light than laser, which makes the treatment not just more cost effective but faster than laser hair removal.

Is it suitable for everyone

Generally speaking the darker the hair the better the response.  The thicker the hair the quickerthe response.  Lighter hair is possible but difficult to treat.  White or grey hairs do not contain any melanin so the best form of treatment is still electrolysis.  Red hair is also more difficult because it does not absorb light as easily.  The better the contrast between skin and hair the better the result.  So lighter skin, darker hair means fewer treatments and better results.

Are there side effects?

Some temporary skin reaction to treatment is possible.  These may include short term skin sensitivity and redness, usually no more than an hour, but occasionally for a few days.  Some sensitive skins may develop acne like break outs, light swelling around the hair follicle caused by the heat which again is usually only for about an hour.  Less frequent side effects are burns, skin colour changes and blisters but these sorts of side effects are more dependant on the skills of your therapist.  Our dermal clinicians have graduated from Victoria University with a  Bachelor Degree specialising in this profession.

Will it hurt

Everyones threshold is different and certain areas are definitely more sensitive than others.  It also depends on how dense the hair is as to how much ‘pain’ is experienced. Many customers find the first one is the worst but as the hair grows less the sensation also lessons.  The most common description is that it feels like a rubber band flicking on the skin.  To minimise discomfort we apply a cooling gel is applied first and the IPL Ultralux we use has a skin contact cooling head which is immediately soothing on the skin and one of the most comfortable machines we have found.


Tailor your own package.  2 or more areas at 25% off the second subsequent lesser value area.

Half leg $139.00

Full leg $199.00

Half arm $119.00

Full arm $169.00

Underarm $65.00

G string $70.00

Brazilian $85.00

Lip or chin $19.00

Side of face $39.00

Full face $59.00


Chest $169.00

Back $169.0-0

Full leg $249.00

Underarm $65.00

Shoulders/neck $99.00

Stomach $90.00

Skin consultations are important and absolutely required before any IPL treatment and are also complimentary, 30 minutes is allowed so that we can get your full medical history and also perform a patch test on the area.